Immune 8 Products

Immune 8 Products and Uses

Immune 8 Multipurpose Spray is an air purifier, immune booster, and germ defender. Spray into the air. Can be poured into a diffuser.  Spray on your pillow for sounder sleep. Use around the house or in the car to breathe cleaner. Spray on hands to disinfect. Shake well before every use. No limit on how often or how much. Spray until your heart is content and be assured of the power of the 8 essential oils. The multipurpose spray is my signature product.

Immune 8 Cleansing Soap softens skin while killing germs with its antimicrobial properties. The essential oils are blended in a certified organic base. Apply your desired amount, lather, and rinse. Use Immune 8 soap every time you wash your hands for added natural protection.

Immune 8 Moisturizing Lotion is non-greasy and conditions your skin. The eight essential oils are blended into a certified organic base. Apply liberally after every hand washing, before you leave the house, and before you go into an establishment. Immune 8 has you covered with its all-natural defense from essential oils.

Immune 8 Handi-wipes are all cotton sheets soaked in Immune 8 spray. May be used for cleansing and disinfecting your hands or to wipe down surfaces. Not recommended to be used on children.

Immune 8+ Products
Immune 8+ hand gel contains 70% ethanol alcohol. This product contains the eight great essential oils of Immune 8 with the added germ-killing ingredient of alcohol and is in a convenient gel pump bottle. Use as desired for protection. The essential oils help to defend the skin surface as well as boost immunity. Plus, the oil blend will keep your hands soft.