About Us

Hello! I am Margie and this is my short story on what lead me to develop Immune 8.

I was a single parent in my mid-twenties raising three children solo and working two jobs. I started college part time in pursuit of a degree. In the meantime, I became a licensed massage therapist and opened a massage business. I then developed a continuing education course for LMTs. This course contained information about essential oils that boost the immune system. After the children were grown, I became a flight attendant and found out how hard it is on the body’s immune system from stress, germs, and allergies. Drawing from my research on essential oils that boost the immune system, I developed a blend of eight essential oils known for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral chemical compounds. As added benefits it helps to reduce stress and lifts mood. Today, I am currenting working on my PhD and developing more continuing education courses. Flight attendants, nurses, and massage therapists love my product and I hope you do too!

Stay Safe & Feel Great With Immune 8

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